Training Schedule

Pre-Scheduled Training Calendar


  1. If you do not see a course listed on the below schedule it means that it is NOT currently pre-scheduled. However, if your agency wants a training that is not listed, you may request it by submitting an On-Demand Training Request form. 
  2. Please review AZ LTAP's training policies BEFORE submitting an enrollment form for the below trainings. 

The following trainings have been scheduled for delivery by AZ LTAP. You MUST register yourself or your employees in the below trainings in order to attend by sending in an enrollment form to [email protected]. *Normal fees apply for the below trainings.*

LTP0021 Work Zone Traffic Control II (Blended) 03.23.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM

HRDC Building (Phx) & Virtual via WebEx || (Note this is NOT ATSSA Traffic Control Technician)

LTP0129 Asphalt Pavement Maintenance (Blended) 04.06.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM HRDC Building (Phx) & Virtual via WebEx
TCH1168 ATSSA - Workzone Traffic Control Technician (ADOT) 04.25.23 8:00AM - 5:00PM Flagstaff Area Office
TCH1114 Flagger - ATSSA Certified Training 04.26.23 8:00AM - 1:00PM Flagstaff Area Office
TCH1114 Flagger - ATSSA Certified Training 04.27.23 8:00AM - 1:00PM Flagstaff Area Office
TCH3841 Transportation Math I (Virtual) 05.02.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM  
TCH3842 Transportation Math II (Virtual) 05.16.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM  
TCH3843 Transportation Math III (Virtual) 05.30.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM  
GEN5004 CPR/First Aid/AED 06.14.23 7:30AM - 4:30PM HRDC Building - Phoenix
LTP0012B Basic Work Zone Traffic Control I 06.20.23 7:30AM - 11:30PM HRDC Building - Phoenix

Please also note that TCH1168 ATSSA Work Zone Traffic Control Technician is the pre-requisite for TCH1167 ATSSA Work Zone Traffic Control Supervisor. You will not be able to attend the Supervisor level training if you have not completed the Technician level.*

AASHTO TC3 Equivalent Online Training

We put together the following list of equivalent online training opportunities through AASHTO TC3. While in-class training is postponed, we hope these will help in the interim. Click the link for the list of equivalencies:


TC3 training for local and tribal transportation staff is free with the provided code. Local Governments or Tribal Governments need to create a login on AASHTO TC3 site using their government email address. When completing their profile please use a work address and work phone number. To receive online training at NO COST please use promotion code D5X3-B3D9-52CB-4XCX. ​