Heavy Equipment Training and Certification Program
Note: Heavy Equipment Training is available only to Local Governments of Arizona. If you are an individual NOT currently employed through a Local Governmental Agency, here are a few other resources to consider:

Local Public Agencies

The AZ LTAP program exclusively offers Heavy Equipment Training and Certification to Local Governments of Arizona on a per request basis. This program was created as a result of the LTAP Needs Assessment which indicated that 68 percent of local agencies throughout Arizona have a significant need for Heavy Equipment training.

AZ LTAP provides certification for the following pieces of heavy equipment:

  • Motor Grader I and II
  • Backhoe I and II
  • Bulldozer I and II
  • Front End Loader
  • Wheeled Excavator
  • Gannon (Box Scraper)
  • Bucket Truck (Aerial Lift)**
Training Requirements

Each piece of equipment is trained for thirty (30) hours a week over a three (3) day period, with a minimum of 3 participants per piece of equipment. LTAP requires three (3) participants minimum per class and a maximum of 12 participants. NOTE: Bucket Truck (Aerial Lift) is a one day training and may include up to 20 employees.

Requesting agency is responsible for providing the following:

  • Assemblage of all equipment
  • Minimum of 3 to 10 miles of unpaved road or large work area (Practical Location)
  • A classroom for 4-5 hours on the first day (Training Room); and 
  • Proper materials for the equipment (i.e. fuel, oil, and grease).

To conduct training, the training facilities must be equipped with the following:

  • TV/VCR (or projector/TV laptop hookup)
  • Whiteboard or Flipchart
  • Reliable equipment: one piece of equipment per three participants
  • Equipment support
  • Transportation of equipment to and from training site
  • Training/work area
  • Blue staked
  • Free as possible of obstructions (overhead and underground)
  • Large enough area to hold up to five pieces of equipment
  • *Recommended: Existing job to be rehabilitated or upgraded
  • Agencies typically begin training at Level I (if applicable). The AZ LTAP instructor can “fast track” an agency or agency participant depending on demonstrated experience, technique, and quality of work. 
  • Required paperwork must be returned as soon as possible to ensure course. Training is based on first come, first serve basis.
  • If course is to be cancelled LTAP requires a one-week notice prior to the training start date.
Requesting Training
  • Review the training requirements and policies outlined above before submitting a request. 
  • A completed On-Demand Training Request (fillable) form must be submitted to AZ LTAP at [email protected]. LTAP will send a Training Confirmation once the required documentation has been received. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  • Instructor will follow up with the agency contact pre- and post-training, if necessary. 
  • Training certificates will be sent a few weeks after completion of the training.