Road Scholar Program

The Road Scholar Program provides an opportunity for local municipal employees to be trained by AZ LTAP in the latest technologies and innovations through a series of training sessions conducted at convenient locations throughout Arizona. This training program is an invaluable resource, providing quality training at a price that is affordable to counties and municipalities (free for member local governments for all courses excluding the $20 certification fee for CPR/First Aid/AED). The program currently offers three levels of training:

Level I Road Scholar

Aimed at entry-level transportation employees, or those with no or limited experience (i.e., up to five years experience in the transportation field), Road Scholar Level I training answers municipalities' need to keep roadways safer and properly maintained at a lower cost.

Total hours 76

*No limit of course substitution from other institutions (for Level I Only)

Level II Road Scholar

Aimed at employees working within transportation industry, motivated to advance their knowledge, skills and abilities to excel their career. Level II training is in the beginning supervisory level and management course work. (Up to 10 years field experience).

Total hours 64

Level III Road Scholar

Aimed at employees working in supervisory level and management positions (traditionally up to 15 years or more of experience)

Total hours 38

Be sure to track your progress through each level by filling out the Road Scholar Matrix. As you complete each level of the program, send your matrix to AZ LTAP at [email protected] to receive your Road Scholar certificate and an award for each level. For questions/concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or (602) 712.4050.