Contributing Agencies

What Is a Contributing Member Agency?

A Contributing Member Agency refers to an Arizona Local Public Agency that has paid AZ LTAPs annual membership fee (or is part of a COG/MPO that pays the annual membership fee on behalf of their agencies) and therefore has no additional costs for training. The membership has many benefits including no further participant registration fee for courses, with the exception of a $20 fee per person for the cost of the First Aid/CPR/AED certification cards.Contributing Member Agencies also have the ability to request training in their location, at a time convenient for you and your employees.


How to Become a Contributing Member?

Your agency may already be a Contributing Member Agency! To save you some time, be sure to check our list before sending in a request. Check the Contributing Member Agency list to see if your agency is already a member. 

To become an AZ LTAP Contributing Member Agency, please contact Technical Training at [email protected]. Please be sure to provide the following information when submitting the request:

  • Agency Name (and department if applicable)
  • Number of Transportation Employees
  • Number of Administrative Staff
  • Agency Contact Name
  • Agency Mailing Address
  • Agency Telephone Number
  • Agency Email Address


Take Full Advantage of Your Membership!

Request Desired Courses

AZ LTAP schedules training on-demand by request only. If the training schedule does not list your desired courses, please contact Technical Training to request a training be scheduled in your area.

Receive AZ LTAP's Electronic Update Email: TappingIn!

AZ LTAP sends out a weekly e-newsletter with information about upcoming training, FHWA bulletins, webinars, transportation related resources and much more! If you are interested in getting on our mailing list, please contact Technical Training at [email protected]

Take Advantage of All the Special Events

Examples of special programs and conferences hosted, sponsored or partnered by the AZ LTAP program include: National Work Zone Memorial Press Conference Events, Winter Maintenance Conferences, Spring Conferences, Work Zone Signing Package Giveaway events, Safety Presentations at Elementary Schools, Everyone Counts Safety Summit