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AZLTAP Course Enrollment Request Form

Forms and Documents


If you are attempting to request a training with AZ LTAP, please first complete the On Demand Training Request form and send it to [email protected] Submit this enrollment form as the second step in the training request process. 

AZLTAP On Demand Training Request

Forms and Documents

Before sumitting this form, please review the training policies and scheduling process outlined here. AZ LTAP will not begin the scheduling process if any of the information below is not completed on this form. 

Submit the completed form to AZ LTAP via email at [email protected] or via fax to 602-712-3007. Failure to adhere to the training policies and schdueling deadlines may result in your confirmed training being cancelled. 

Course Request Information
  • Requested Course Name
  • Preferred Training Dates (a minimum of three weeks from the day you plan to submit this form)
Requestor Information
  • Requestor's Agency
  • Requestor's Contact Information
Training Facility Information
  • Facility Name & Training Room Name
  • Facility Address
  • Facility Hours
  • Facility Contact Person Information
  • Practical Training Address (Heavy Equipment Only)
Facilitator Contact Information
  • Agencies are required to designate a ‘facilitator’ to assist our instructors as needed during training. The facilitator is an individual that will serve as the primary point of contact for the LTAP instructor once a class has been confirmed. They typically help to troubleshoot issues, distribute/collect training materials (e.g. tests, flagger kits), etc. LTAP will not confirm your requested training until a facilitator has been selected/input on the On-Demand form. 
Kit/Materials Shipment Information *
  • If you are requesting an ATSSA Flagger/BWTC, ATSSA Traffic Control Technician or ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor training, you MUST provide LTAP with a delivery address or indicate on the form that someone from your agency will come to the LTAP Center to pick up the Flagger Kits/Materials. LTAP will not confirm your requested training until a kit delivery address has been provided on the On-Demand form.

Equipment Loan Request and Program

Forms and Documents

AZ LTAP accepts requests to borrow equipment from local government agencies, FHWA, or other AZ State agencies (The Borrowing Agency) through submission of an AZ LTAP Equipment Borrowing Agreement.  Complete and email the form below to [email protected] to apply.

Road Scholar Enrollment Application

Forms and Documents

Complete and submit this form to apply for the Road Scholar program. There is a per-employee fee for non-contributing member agencies seeking Road Scholar enrollment.