On-Demand Training

The AZ LTAP program provides technical training for local entities throughout Arizona on a per request basis. Local agencies determine what their needs are and submit an On-Demand Request based on these needs. 

Before requesting training, review the training policies and fees (if applicable) listed below. All forms must be submitted to AZ LTAP at Ttraining@azdot.gov. Incomplete forms will be returned to the agency. 

Training Policies

  • Agencies are required to provide a ‘facilitator’ to assist our instructors as needed. For more information click here
  • Once LTAP has confirmed the training(s), a Course Enrollment Request form must be submitted no later than (2) two weeks prior to the training start date.
  •  To cancel or reschedule a confirmed training, AZ LTAP requires a (2) two-week notice prior to the training start date. Failure to meet this deadline may result in additional fees. 
  • All participants must be transportation employees. If participants are not transportation employees, the fee to attend the course is due to the Arizona LTAP Center prior to the course start date.

Courses and Training Fees

To determine whether your agency is a Contributing Member Agency click here. See below for the list of the trainings offered and pricing information.


Contributing Member Agencies

Non-Contributing Member Agencies

Consultants, Contractors, & Private Entities

ATSSA - Traffic Control Technician




ATSSA - Traffic Control Technician - RETEST




ATSSA - Traffic Control Supervisor




ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor - RETEST




NHI Courses


Half Price

Full Price

Road Scholar Training Courses


Prices Vary

Prices Vary

ATSSA Flagger/BWTC Flagger/ ATSSA Flagger Re-Certification




Heavy Equipment


$1000 per class

Call for Availability

OSHA Courses




First Aid /CPR/AED

$20 $55 $55

Various Misc. Workshops, Etc

Situational or Conditional upon pricing on training

If you have any questions, please contact ttraining@azdot.gov or call Technical Training at 602.712.4050.