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The Arizona Local Technical Assistance Program exists to help Arizona's local public agencies better identify and utilize existing transportation resources at their disposal. AZ LTAP helps our locals cope with the ever-growing transportation demands they face by providing access to technical and management materials, delivering on-demand technical assistance and training, and by maintaining a vast network of communication with industry experts.

We bring together academic, governmental, and private resources, stakeholders, and information to ensure a safe, effective and efficient transportation system in the state of Arizona. By delivering new concepts and ideas, training, technical assistance and by disseminating research results and new technologies for both transportation providers and users, the AZ LTAP is paving the way as a leader in transportation information exchange.

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NWZAW 2024 is April 15-19, hosted by Maryland Department of Transportation. NWZAW highlights the deadly dangers of inattention at highway work areas. #NWZAW #Orange4Safety
This survey is intended for local public agencies (LPAs) in all states nationwide. We would like to see local agency responses from as many states as possible, and your cooperation in completing the

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Please submit this form to have your employees enrolled in trainings that have been confirmed and/or any of the pre-scheduled training listed on our training schedule page. 

Enrollment Swap Request Form

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This form should only be submitted if your agency needs to cancel an employee's registration AND swap in another person to take their place. If you would like to complete more than 3 swaps for a course, please do NOT submit this form. Instead, update your originally submitted Course Enrollment Form and re-submit it to Technical Training. 

Equipment Loan Request Form

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AZ LTAP accepts requests to borrow equipment from local government agencies, FHWA, or other AZ State agencies (The Borrowing Agency) through submission of an AZ LTAP Equipment Borrowing Agreement.  Complete and email the form below to [email protected] to apply.

Road Scholar Program Application

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Complete and submit this form to apply for the Road Scholar program. There is a per-employee fee for non-contributing member agencies seeking Road Scholar enrollment.