Heavy Equipment Training and Certification Program

As a result of the LTAP Needs Assessment, indicating 68 percent of Arizona having a significant need for Heavy Equipment training. The LTAP offers a Heavy Equipment Training and Certification Program.

The Heavy Equipment program consists of certification on Motor Grader I and II, Backhoe I and II, Bulldozer I and II, and Front End Loader. Each piece of equipment is trained for 30 hours a week (three days), with (three) 3 participants per piece of equipment. The LTAP requires three (3) participants minimum per class and maximum 15 participants.

The LTAP does ask that each agency be responsible for the assemblage of all equipment, a minimum of three to 10 miles of unpaved road or large work area, a classroom for four to five hours on the first day, and proper materials for the equipment (i.e. fuel, oil and grease).

For more information on the Heavy Equipment Program or how to schedule training for your local government agency, please contact Technical Training at ttraining@azdot.gov to schedule a course. Note: Heavy Equipment Training is available only to Local Governments of Arizona. It is not for private individuals that are not employed by a public works department of a Local Public Agency.

Steps to Host a LTAP Heavy Equipment Training

  • Contact the LTAP to request the Heavy Equipment training and certification program.
  • Agency must complete the Heavy Equipment Agency Contact, Agency Registration Form, Signed Check off / Responsibilities List, and a "no-show" Policy Agreement. Upon completion, fax back to the LTAP at 602.712.3007.
  • Instructor will call agency contact for additional information required.
  • Course conducted (30 hours in 3 days).
  • Certificates will be sent within two weeks after completion of training.
  • The instructor will do any necessary follow-up (if required).


  • Equipment to be trained on levels I & II: Backhoe, Motor grader, Bulldozer, and Front-end Loader
  • All participants begin training at Level I. Instructor may "fast track" participants depending on experience, techniques and quality of work.
  • All students that pass Level I need to have up to 120 Hours OJT (Hands on experience) before advancing to Level II. Again, based on instructor's discretion, participant may be "fast tracked."
  • Required paperwork must be returned as soon as possible to ensure course. Training is based on first come, first serve basis.
  • If course is to be cancelled LTAP requires a one-week notice prior to the training start date.
  • Any questions please contact Technical Training at ttraining@azdot.gov.


To conduct training, the following items are required by your agency:

  • Maximum 15 participants (due to COVID-19, the maximum is temporarily set at 3-4 participants) 
  • Classroom for four to five hours on the first day
  • TV/VCR
  • Whiteboard or Flipchart
  • Reliable equipment: one piece of equipment per three participants
  • Equipment support
  • Transportation of equipment to and from training site
  • Training/work area
  • Blue staked
  • Free as possible of obstructions (overhead and underground)
  • Large enough area to hold up to five pieces of equipment
  • *Recommended: Existing job to be rehabilitated or upgraded