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Chemical Handling Safety: The Basics - WS007

The simplest formula for safety is knowledge. This program teaches employees how to identify, handle, and store dangerous chemicals safely and properly. More importantly, they will be trained how to respond effectively in case of an emergency. The training illustrates Hazard identification, Personal protection, Emergency response.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 20
Chemical Handling Safety: Solvents - WS006

Solvents are tricky, and if handled improperly, can cause dangerous accidents. But with this program, your employees will gain knowledge about solvents, including preparation and good work practices. This way, not only will your company get the most out of solvents but you also ensure everyone's safety.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 17
Chemical Handling Safety: Flammables - WS005

Fire is always a threat at work and flammable chemicals only increase the chances of one occurring. But with this program, your employees can take the heat out of these risks by knowing how to handle flammables properly. It covers, Identification and handling, Fire 101, Emergency response.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 17
Chemical Handling Safety: Corrosives - WS004

This program teaches how to recognize, use, and handle corrosive materials safely. It covers identification and classification, Solids, liquids and gases, Emergency procedures, Storage and handling.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 20
Bucket Trucks: Extending Your Safety - WS003

Bucket trucks make working at high elevations easier but if they are not operated safely, major accidents can occur. Use this vital program to keep your bucket truck operators safe.

  • Operator training
  • Pre-start inspection
  • PPE
  • Electricity
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Costal DVD 15
Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself - WS002

The machines and equipment found in most industrial settings can involve hazards and sometimes that means exposure to blood. Help protect your employees from the dangers of bloodborne pathogens with the information in this program. Bloodborne pathogens can kill but with the help of this program, your workers will get the tips and training needed to guard themselves from such deadly organisms.

  • The Exposure Control Plan
  • Standard Precautions
  • Recordkeeping requirements
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 14
Back Protection Defending Your Safety - WS001

Eight out of ten Americans will seek medical attention for a back problem sometime in their lives. That's an alarming statistic. Help your employee's avoid back injuries to maximize efficiency and put an end to these injuries. Give them reliable techniques for back safety.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety DVD
FAST Act Summary

Newsletter issued in the Fall of 2016 with focus on the FAST Act Summary.

Federal-Aid Essentials for Local Government Agencies: Vol. 1, No. 3

Local public agencies (LPA), which include city, county, and municipal departments of transportation, will soon have a new resource to help improve understanding and compliance with the requirements of the Federal-Aid Highway Program. On August 27, 2012, FHWA launched a Web site, "Federal-Aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies," which houses an online library of informational videos and related materials.

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