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Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety - WS017

The occupational safety and health standard (OSHA 1900.1200) is intended to address the issue of classifying potential chemical hazards and the communication of information concerning hazards and establishing appropriate protective measures for employees. It is the one of the most commonly violated safety standards, but with Hazard Communication: The Road to Safety can help you maintain and develop safe practices for:

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Dupont DVD, VHS 17
Hazard Communication - WS016

This addition to the popular Real, Real-Life series provides important information about safe work practices when working with hazardous chemicals.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 16
Fire Safety Alert, Aware, Alive - WS015

The Heat is off with this program. Show your employees life-saving information on the different types of fires, how they can be prevented and what should be done in case of a fire. Elements a fire needs to burn. Prevention. Fire extinguishers.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety DVD
Fall Protection: The Right Connection - WS014

Make sure your workers' fall arrest gear is secure and well-connected. Link up now with this life-saving program on fall protection use in the general industry.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety DVD
Facility Security: The Critical Link - WS013

Facility Security: The Critical Link

Never assume that your facility is safe. In this post 9/11 era, we're painfully aware that a terrorist attack can strike in any form, anytime, anywhere, and you have to understand the possible threats to eliminate them. This program gives important points on facility security and emergency response. Moreover, it explains how human intelligence is the critical link to safety.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 17
Eye Protection: Why Gamble? - WS012

Don't turn a blind eye to the accidents! Take a look at this award-winning program and see the ways to avoid eye injuries. The program also outlines emergency procedures and complies with OSHA's Eye Protection Standard (1910.133)

  • Protective eyewear
  • Avoiding injury
  • Emergency procedures
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 15
Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive - WS011

In an emergency situation, survival hinges on adequate training, preparation and an emergency action plan. This program explains several emergency situation responses, the importance of drills and the principles of RACE. It prepares your employees to handle any disaster - natural or otherwise and covers:

  • How to respond in several emergency situations
  • The importance of drills
  • RACE.
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 15
Electrical Safety: Beware the Bite! - WS010

An electrical shock is like the bite of a poisonous snake! Take the sting out of the danger now and protect your employees with life-saving information. Sink your teeth into this program that gives the low-down on electrical safety.

  • Conductivity
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Safe work practices
  • PPE
  • Emergency response
Video Worker/Workplace Safety DVD
Contractor Safety It's Everybody's Business - WS009

When there are two or more employers on the site, safety can be a challenging issue. But with this program, they can easily team up, keep everyone safe and get the job done right on time. Contractor Safety: It's Everybody's Business alerts all workers to common safety hazards and shows concrete ways to avoid them. It also lays down the requirements for the general contractor, including accepted standards and procedures.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 21
Combustible Dust Up in a Flash - WS008

Combustible dust is a danger in any workplace that creates or accumulates dust. This life-saving training DVD will show your employees how to control the danger with good housekeeping measures and safe work practices.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 13