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Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive! - WS048

In an emergency situation, survival hinges on adequate training, preparation and an emergency action plan. This program explains several emergency situation responses, the importance of drills and the principles of RACE. It prepares your employees to handle any disaster - natural or otherwise and covers:

  • How to respond in several emergency situations
  • The importance of drills RACE.
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Electrical Principles - WS046

This video will provide better safety principles of electrical safety. Carelessness can cause injury or death to employees. Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the work environment. This mean practicing hazard observations and knowing how to correct potential problems. 

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Electrical High Voltage: Know the Hazards - WS045

“There were three of us down there. My friend was closer to the breaker – all of a sudden he was a ball of flames..." That's how nasty and shocking electrical accidents can be. Power up your safety measures now and comply with OSHA’s Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Standard.

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Electric Emergency Responses - WS045

Spark your workers' safety know-how with this life-saving program. It highlights crucial information on three levels of electric shock, common causes and classifications of fire and proper first-aid measures for shock or smoke inhalation victims.

  • Reducing human error when working around electricity
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to extinguish electrical fires
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Confined Space Ventilation - WS044

This video discussed special safety precautions required for confined space ventilation. It will discuss 1) when to ventilate, 2) how to ventilate effectively, and 3) the safety precautions.

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Confined Space Rescue - WS043

This tape uses OSHA confined rescue requirements. It gets into the psychological aspects associated with confined space rescue. It will also show how to get in teams so that employees will be trained to rescue people from confined spaces.

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Confined Space Hotwork - WS042

This video discuss a checklist to safety. It demonstrates how working in confined spaces are tricky, however when hot work is added the risk becomes greater. This tape will ensure that workers know the proper precautions request for confined space hotwork. It also talks about the hotwork permit, fire watch, and emergency rescue.

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Cave In! Trenching and Shoring Safety - WS041

This video deals with trenching and shoring safety. Always take the proper precautions and stay compliant to OSHA's rules and regulations of proper trenching and shoring safety. If not it can potentially kill someone. This video will cover: 1) classifying soils, 2) protective systems, and 3) excavation hazards.

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Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself - WS040

This informative program covering the basics of bloodborne pathogens precautions is ideal for workers who are on the scene at accidents.

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Avoiding Electrical Hazards - WS039

Never be in the dark about safety. Show your employees these illuminating guidelines on electrical circuits, proper grounding procedures and lockout/tagout methods to control electrical flow.

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