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Portable Fire Extinguishers - WS057

Don't let your assets turn into ashes. Put out the fire with this program that explains the different classes of fire and offers practical tips on fire extinguisher use.

  • Class A, B, C, D fires
  • Class A, B, C, D extinguishers
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Heat Stress - WS047

In outdoor work, temperatures will rise and so will the risks. Cramps, exhaustion and stroke can all plague employees in hot weather conditions. Cool off these dangers now with tips on illness prevention and safety hazards. This program also helps you comply with NIOSH & OSHA recommendations.

  • Hazards of hot environments
  • First aid
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HAZWOPER First Responder: Awareness Level - WS056

Employees who work in areas where hazardous substances are present need to know how to respond to a hazardous substance emergency. This program explains the five levels of emergency response and what first responders at the awareness level need to know.

  • How to recognize and identify hazardous substances
  • Your facility's Emergency Response Plan
  • How to summon additional resources
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HazMat Transportation: Security Depends On You - WS054

Working with hazardous chemicals is dangerous enough, but if they fall into the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic! But the tragedies can be averted with the simplest of procedures: proper recordkeeping and workplace awareness.

  • Pre-trip inspection and checking your load
  • Checking placards and markings/shipping papers
  • Pickup and delivery at a Port Terminal
  • On the road basics
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HazMat Transportation: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - WS055

HazMats are not your everyday cargo, and everyone in shipping, handling, transporting and/or storing these materials must be trained in HazMat procedures. Understand the DOT regulations and comply with OSHA standard 49 CFR 171-180.

  • Scope of hazardous materials regulations
  • Definitions, terms and requirements
  • Initial response to HAZMAT incidents
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Hard hat Safety Series: Suspension Scaffolds In Construction - WS038

Fifty people die and 4,500 more are grievously injured because of scaffolding incidents. Don't let your employees add to the statistics. Help them become skilled in the safe use of suspension scaffolds. This training program covers:

  • Scaffold assembly
  • Competence training
  • Hazards
  • Safe work practices.
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Hard Hat Safety Series: Scissor Lifts For Construction - WS052

Scissor lifts provide a safe walking and working surface on construction sites; however, to cut down on accidents, all employees must be trained in safe and proper operations. This program will provide workers with a sharp and detailed knowledge of this useful machine.

  • Lifting principles
  • Walk around inspections
  • Controls
  • Electricity
  • Operation
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Hard Hat Safety Series: Fall Protection, What's Required and Beyond - WS051

Even though OSHA standard 1926.500-502 was issued several years ago, more deaths still result because of falls.

Harness the vital knowledge to reach higher and tighter precautions. Keep your employees safe up with this program.

  • Requirements for guardrail construction, strength, and minimum height standards
  • Proper anchorage techniques
  • Effective use of harness and lanyards
  • When and how to use lifelines and positioning devices.
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Hard Hat Safety Series: Construction Welding Safety - WS050

Accidents can happen to anybody. Most accidents involving welding occur because of poor planning, lack of preparation and oversight. This program will show your employees how to maintain a secure area of welding and safety procedures for electric arc welding and oxyfuel gas.

  • Safe Use of Compressed Gas
  • Safe Use of Arc Welding
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Worker Readiness
  • Health Risks
  • Safe Working Practices
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Hard Hat Safety Series: Construction Lockout/Tagout - WS049

Energy is a powerful resource that is strong and mighty..and dangerous. It is an effective resource that has been harnessed for many uses. Machines and devices in the workplace are operated by channeling many different types of energy. From electrical and mechanical to potential and kinetic, the possibilities are limitless in what we can do. This power comes with a risk.

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