Sign and Pavement Retroreflectometer Loan Program

May 15, 2018

To comply with the new reflective requirements, public agencies have implemented and continue to use an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain traffic sign retro reflectivity at or above the minimum levels specified. One of the tools that can play a key role in implementing one of these methods is a sign retro-reflectometer. We have added a StripeMaster 2 Touch Retro-reflectometer to our loan program which is the next generation pavement marking management tool that measures retro reflection.

LTAP’s loan program has available two Road Vista Model 922 Handheld Sign Retro-reflectometers and one Road vista StripeMaster 2 Touch Retroreflectometers for local agency use.

Contact for Loan Program

Vicki Joralmon
1130 N 22nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009