Equivalent online training opportunities for AZ LTAP Road Scholar program through AASHTO TC3

April 20, 2020

We understand how important continued training is for our local agencies, we have put together the following list of equivalent online training opportunities for our Road Scholar program through AASHTO TC3  (TC3  training for local and tribal transportation staff is free with the below coupon code) and we hope these will help in the interim:  

To receive credit for any of the courses listed below, please complete the equivalent courses found on the AASHTO TC3 (Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council) website.

Local Governments or Tribal Governments need to create a login on AASHTO TC3 site using their government email address. When completing their profile please use a work address and work phone number. To receive online training at NO COST please use promotion code D5X3-B3D9-52CB-4XCX. ​

​AASHTO TC3 Online Courses for LTAP