Build a Better Mousetrap 2021 - Winners and Honorable Mentions

October 12, 2021

The Build A Better Mousetrap Program was designed to showcase the creative and innovative solutions that everyday transportation workers devise to address workplace problems. Every year, the FHWA reviews innovations from all over the country and selects a winner within each chosen category for the year. "This year’s winners were selected based on an innovation’s cost savings, benefits to the community or agency, ingenuity, importance and impact, time savings, and ease of transference to other agencies" (FHWA, 2021).  

Please consider taking a moment to read through the various innovations featured in this booklet to see how you can apply or adapt these to meet your agency's needs!

FHWA presents the Build a Better Mousetrap 2021 Booklet of Local Innovations


To read about the winners and their innovations, click here

To read about Arizona's very own winners in the Smart Transformation category, Mohave County (2020), click here!