Construction Maintenance Safety I

Road Scholar Level I

This course covers Federal OSHA policies, procedures and standards, as well as construction industry safety and health principles. Topics include scope and application of the OSHA Construction Industry Standards. Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are the most hazardous in construction industries, using OSHA standards as a guide. Participants will learn to apply the appropriate Federal OSHA standard that applies to hazards present in their workplaces.

The training will stress understanding of the OSHA standards and their application, and will cover the following items in detail:

  • Workplace Injuries
  • OSHA’s Mission Statement
  • OSHA Inspection Process
  • Record Keeping (forms 300, 300A, and 301)
  • Focus Four (struck by, caught in between, falls, and electrocution)
  • Excavation Safety
  • Stairs and Ladders
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)