ATSSA Workzone Traffic Control Technician


All those involved in construction work zone projects should have a basic knowledge of temporary traffic control that allows them to assist in installing traffic control devices, in monitoring their performance, and in recognizing deficiencies during the course of a project.

The one-day TCT course provides an introduction to temporary traffic control in work zones for individuals who work in the field installing and removing traffic control devices. It teaches concepts, techniques and practices in the installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices. The students are provided an ATSSA Guide which is used as the basic text material for the course. This handy Guide booklet contains material condensed from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) but in a simplified, easy to understand and use format.

All ATSSA classes are taught by highly qualified instructors that bring many years experience in traffic control to the classroom. They present this class using an illustrated PowerPoint presentation covering the material in the Guide along with personal observations and anecdotes from their experiences. The student will leave this class with practical knowledge that will enable them to help make their projects safer for the workers, motorists and pedestrians and help reduce the exposure of the worker and the company to possible litigation.

Previous experience in temporary traffic control is not required for this course. However, if the student wishes to be TCT certified; one year (2000 hours) of temporary traffic control experience will be required.

In most states, passing this course is a prerequisite to register in the Traffic Control Supervisor course. Contact ATSSA for specific state requirements.

TCT Certification Requirements

  • Pass TCT Course with 80% or greater on exam
  • Possess one year (2000 hours) temporary traffic control experience
  • Complete Certification Application and pay Certification Fee
  • Provide 2 references to verify work experience
  • Be approved by the ATSSA Certification Board

Certification is valid for 4 years. At the end of 4 years, the student must take a recertification exam to be recertified.