Highway Program Funding


This training provides an overview of the Federal-Aid Highway Program, focusing on various aspects of highway program financing unique to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Topics include the following: the operation of the Highway Trust Fund and its significance to the funding level of the Federal-Aid Highway Program; the content and policy implication of authorizing and appropriating legislation; the FHWA apportionment process; discussion of obligation limitation, allocations, deductions, earmarking, and transferability; and the effect of policy and budget considerations on the use of Federal-Aid funds. The training has been updated to complement the new Federal-aid authorization bill.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
Describe the flow of Federal financing from authorization to reimbursement
Explain authorization, appropriation, apportionment, allocation, and obligation limitation
Discuss the impact contract authority and obligation limitation have on the use of Federal funds
Explain how the Federal budgetary process applies to the Federal-Aid Highway Program
Describe the significance of the Highway Trust Fund to the funding levels for the Federal-Aid Highway Program
This training is intended for Federal, State, regional and local government employees, as well as contractors and others from the private sector, interested in the process by which the Federal-Aid Highway program is authorized and how the funds are distributed. NHI encourages a mix of participants at each session.