Road Scholar Graduates

Arizona LTAP would like to congratulate the following individuals for meeting all the requirements to complete the Arizona LTAP Road Scholar Program. Below are the names of the Road Scholars Graduates organized by date of completion. 

Road Scholar Graduates Level I

Gregory Smith, Pinal County 2020

Rowdy Wright, Pinal County 2020

Arthur Amaya, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Antonio Gutierrez, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Jake Kremer, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Richard Maturo, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Brad P. Meinzer, Sierra Vista 2019

Brandon Yeoman, Pinal County 2019

Derek S. Ginter, Pinal County 2019

Dwight Adkinson, Pinal County 2019

Mario Rodriquez, Pinal County 2019

Michael R. Bonner, Pinal County 2019

Perry Duvall, Pinal County 2019

Terrance Lairmore, Pinal County 2019

Johnathan Deck, Queen Creek 2019


Road Scholar Graduates Level II

Mario Marquez, Pinal County 2020

Celestino Robles, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Ron Sparks Jr., Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Ronald Gaines, Tucson Airport Authority 2019

Augustin Bonilla, Tucson Airport Authority 2019