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The Newcomers - WS027

This riveting program follows five employees as they go through a busy day at work. Viewers then keep track of safety no-no's, watch the consequences and get shocked by the sobering twist at the end!

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD, VHS 22
Machine Guarding Safeguard Your Future - WS026

Practically every machine has some sort of machine guarding – a shield, automatic shutoff or even a laser curtain – to protect workers if a body part should come in contact wit the machine. In fact, OSHA requires specific machines to have specific guards. Make sure your employees understand the importance of knowing about and using the machine guards meant to protect them.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD
Lockout Tagout: Controlling the Beast - WS025

Energy is well and good, provided you keep it under control. Supplement your company's lockout/tagout plan with this program. Get a good grounding on lockout/tagout procedures and hazardous energy sources and comply with OSHA 1910.140.

Video Coastal DVD 19
Lockout for Life! - WS024

Don't just tell your employees, show them! Review the proper procedures with this multi-award-winning program, which re-enacts lockout/tagout accidents, so that your workers won't become the next tragic example.

  • Dramatic reenactments of actual incidents
  • Hazards of uncontrolled energy
  • Review of procedures
Video Coastal DVD, VHS 24
John Deere B-Series II Scrapers: Safety, Maintenance and Operation - WS023

Designed as a supplement to the operator's manual, this video is divided into three sections: 1) Pre-start walk-around and daily service, 2) operator's station with its controls and safety systems, and 3) some safety tips when operating the scraper.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety John Deere DVD, VHS 35
Heat Stress for Public Employees: Seeing Red - WS023

Heat stress, heat stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps – all are dangerous to your employees. This training DVD will give them the knowledge they need to avoid the dangers of working in hot, humid conditions.

  • Acclimatization
  • Hydration
  • Proper clothing
  • Signs of heat fatigue
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 13
Heat Stress - WS021

In outdoor work, temperatures will rise and so will the risks. Cramps, exhaustion and stroke can all plague employees in hot weather conditions. Cool off these dangers now with tips on illness prevention and safety hazards. This program also helps you comply with NIOSH & OSHA recommendations.

  • Hazards of hot environments
  • First aid
Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD, VHS 16
Hearing Protection Sounds Good to Me - WS020

Start your hearing protection training with a bang! Study how this delicate organ works and how it's affected and damaged by noise. Control noise level, understand Noise Reduction Ratings and use the appropriate ear PPE: earplugs, canal caps, and earmuffs. The program also discusses audiometric testing, a simple and painless test to detect hearing loss.

Video Worker/Workplace Safety Coastal DVD 14
HAZMAT: Safe & Secure - WS019

Description not available

Video Worker/Workplace Safety
HazMat Transportation: Security Depends on You - WS018

Description not available

Video DVD