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The course is a continuation of Signing & Striping I designed to give the student a detailed view of signing and striping as per the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Designed to give an applied introduction to solving technical math problems, both in and out of the field.

The agenda for this course is to teach and discuss the topics of:  Tort Liability, Common Problem Areas, and Risk Management Concepts.  The objectives are to understand importance and implications of Tort Liability Risk in Roadway Agencies, review legal aspects and identify ways to reduce risk.

The Two Way Radio course is designed to give transportation industry personnel the basic knowledge of proper 2-way radio procedures for their agency and the FCC. Topics covered are the general use of a two-way radio system, tower systems, 10 codes, phonetic codes, rules and regulations. Accident reporting and recommended procedures is briefly discussed.

Those enrolled must complete Work Zone I prior to taking this class. Participants will receive instruction in Legal Liability, and Inspection and Maintenance. During the class there will be 2 breakout sessions where participants will plan and demonstrate traffic control set-ups.

Those enrolled must complete Work Zone I & II prior to taking this class. WZTC III includes a brief review of basic and WZTC II material.  It then covers traffic incident and work zone time durations.