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The Workshop covers the Davis-Bacon And Related Acts (DBRA) law, history and application on ADOT Federal Aid construction contracts. It details the conditions (work, location, etc.) for the application of prevailing wages. Both Certified Payrolls and Weekly Statements of Compliance are explained thoroughly. Additionally, related construction forms and processes are covered which include Apprenticeships, and Subcontractor Requests.

Training to help tackle some of the key areas of opportunity for preventing accidents in the road construction and maintenance environment should be a primary concern for any transportation official. Recognizing the high percentage of injuries happen to employees, safety orientation and continual education are primary components. This course is designed to address those concerns and enlighten the employee on safety practices and procedures.

This course will follow national standards and each participant will be certified to perform CPR and administer basic First Aid and learn to use AED equipment. There is a course maximum of 15 participants.