Highway Barrier Installation, Inspection & Maintenance


Training Objectives
This 2-day Training provides information necessary for the proper installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of guardrail systems, terminals, and crash cushions. It is intended for contractors, inspectors and maintenance personnel who do this type of work in Arizona. 

On Day 1—In a classroom setting, participants will understand:

  • The need for traffic barriers and barrier terminals at specific locations
  • The basics of barrier and terminal testing requirements and performance characteristics
  • Common installation errors of which installers and inspectors need to be aware
  • Whether a damaged barrier needs to be repaired, replaced or upgraded

Materials presented are specific to Arizona and references will be made to ADOT’s standards, specifications and manuals. 

On Day 2— Manufacturers will present their products with crash test videos, installation procedures and hands-on opportunities with the products used in Arizona. This is the only place you can have all the manufacturers together at one time allowing you to interact with all of them. You will receive materials on their products and learn from the experts. 

Training Sponsored by: FHWA Office of Safety