Design and Construction ADA Facilities in the Public ROW


Designing and constructing traffic signals, sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps to meet ADOT and ADA Requirements.

This is a very valuable, 8-hour training we encourage as many staff to attend.  The intent of the course is to educate partipants about ADA/Section 504 requirements that can assist designers, inspectors, construction personnel, etc. in meeting ADA compliance.  District Engineers, Group Managers, Standards Engineers, Area Engineers, Designers, Plan Reviewers, Resident Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Inspectors, and Maintenance Supervisors are encouraged to attend.  There has been an increase in ADA complaints and lawsuits nationwide associated with transportation facilities.  Agencies that construct highways, roads, streets and other elements of the public right-of-way should be trained on the legal and technical requirements for implementing Federal accessibility regulations and other requirements applied to the public ROW.

Specific Modules, in addition to a field exercise, include:

Module1 Laws, Regulations and Pedestrian Characteristics
Module 2 Pedestrian Access Route (PAR)
Module 3 Curb Ramps and Other Transitions
Module 4 Detectable Warning (Truncated Domes)
Module 5 Pedestrian Crossings
Module 6 Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS)
Module 7 Street Furniture and Parking
Module 8 Work Zones and Maintenance